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About us

Wholesale sale and processing of steel in Sanok.

Since 1995, we have been creating one of the largest companies trading in steel and metallurgical products in the region. We produce steel structures.

Selling metals and metal products since 1995

The history of the Drim steel warehouse began in 1995. Since then, the goal of our activities has been the comprehensive supply of construction industry entities and production companies with a vast offer of metallurgical products and a full range of construction materials.

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Over time, we have expanded our commercial activities to include a variety of services from laser cutting of metal sheets and profiles, through metal bending, to manual and robot welding.

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We provide services to domestic and foreign companies in the construction industry (industrial facilities, housing and public utility buildings) and production companies with comprehensive business profiles. We satisfy the needs of entities with various quantitative requirements, from large-scale purchasers to individual customers.

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We are constantly expanding our sales offer, which is based on trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Since our steel products reach demanding customers in Poland and EU countries, we attach great importance to the sourcing of our materials, which must be of the highest quality, with the relevant certificates and approvals, and from well-known manufacturers.

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In recent years, we have made a number of investments to expand our offer and increase the quality of our services. We have launched a production line for the prefabrication of stirrups, implemented a robot welding station with a rotary table, and installed a FANUC welding robot with a working area of 1600x3000mm. In addition, we offer laser cutting for metal sheets with a thickness of up to 10mm and profiles with a cross-section of up to 150x150mm.

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Innovations in our machine park have allowed us to take care of the natural environment, as we have significantly reduced the amount of production waste by digitally optimising work surfaces and reducing energy consumption thanks to modern solutions. We also installed a photovoltaic system that covers almost the entire energy demand of the wholesale store and the plant.

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