Zdjęcie hurtowni Drim Sanok


Drim – wholesaler of steel and metallurgical products in Sanok, Poland.

Distribution and sale of steel, metallurgical products and tools. Laser cutting of steel, prefabricated reinforcements, stirrups, precision welding with a welding robot, manual welding.


Metal articles in the Podkarpackie Province.
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We offer a wide range of certified metallurgical products from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers.
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We supply steel for the industry and construction investments in Poland and abroad.
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Our modern machine park allows us to provide a wide range of production services, such as the production of reinforcement prefabricated elements, reinforcing mesh stirrups from ribbed bars, laser cutting of metal sheets, laser cutting of steel pipes and profiles as well as manual and robot welding.
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About us

Where to buy steel in Sanok?
We have been the answer to this question for nearly 30 years. During this time, we were there for our customers as they were erecting structures, fencing off properties, or needed metallurgical products and tools. Good investments allowed us to develop our offer and expand our production facilities.