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Metallurgical products and metal articles - sale of steel in Podkarpacie

We have been selling steel and metallurgical products for almost 30 years. We offer a wide range of products and services in the area of metal processing in Podkarpacie.

Wholesale of metallurgical products and structural steel

Since 1995, we have been a seller of various metallurgical products as well as a manufacturer of structural elements, steel products and gates. We sell high-quality certified metal products, tools, forged and fencing elements. The regular offer of our warehouses includes over 10,000 items.

Products and services

Wholesale of steel – metallurgical products

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Sale of screws, bolts and anchors

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Fencing systems – fencing mesh and panels

Ikona nr.3 - oferta Drim Sanok

Platform gratings and steps

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Steel structures

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Design support – designing elements and structures

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Laser cutting of steel sheets up to 10mm thick

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Laser cutting of profiles with a cross-section of up to 150x150mm

Ikona nr. 8 - oferta Drim Sanok

FANUC welding robot with a working area of 1600x3000mm

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Manual welding

Ikona nr. 10 - oferta Drim Sanok

Prefabrication of reinforcement elements – production of stirrups

Ikona nr. 11 - oferta Drim Sanok

Industrial and reinforcement mesh

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Różne produkty z oferty Drim Sanok

Large area

We have a 3500 m2 warehouse and 600 m2 of closed production space. With the guarantee of comprehensive and fast service, a wide range of products and the support of experienced staff, we are one of the main steel distributors in the region.

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Fast and comprehensive service

We only work with proven suppliers and manufacturers to make sure that we sell materials of the highest quality. As the market requires that we ensure the safety of consumers, the certainty of origin, certificates and approvals are the foundation of our operations.

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Proven suppliers

We offer attractive prices, we are open to possible negotiations and agreeing on convenient forms and terms of settlement, and we ensure short delivery times. We have our own means of transport to meet our customers’ needs.

Metalowy produkt w przybliżeniu

Low prices

We provide attractive prices, we are open to negotiations and agreeing on convenient forms and terms of settlements. We have our own transport for the needs of our clients.